Reasons Why Travel is Soul Food

The human sense of wonder and is what brought us here–in the midst of technological development and the awakening of the human mind. Embracing our nature and need to see novelty and witness those that are different from ours is the ultimate proclamation of appreciation of this gift we call earth. Through traversing the globe, we awaken the soul and experience wonders, challenges, lessons which we likely could not experience if we choose to stay where we are. Whether by renting a car at 24 or booking a suprise plane ticket, answer the call of the wild and feed your soul with travel!

Travel for connections

Traveling is an enriching experience–from local people, their customs, cuisine, local sights, and sounds. The most treasured of all these are the memories made and the people met. We often take for granted what is available to us in our own localities, but opening the heart and arms to embrace people that we encounter along the way is a fulfilling and can impact far beyond our limited days at the location.

Travel for inspiration

Can you believe that there are things yet to be discovered by humans? Tribes, fossils, languages, trees and so much more! Traveling carries the possibility of encountering these unfound things–and that is a source of inspiration. Interacting with different cultures has been shown to boost creativity! With flowing creative juices, creative tasks and problem solving skills become clear and so do solutions.

Travel for relaxation

89% of travellers reported feeling more relaxed after just a day on a new travel destination. Why? The escape from high pressure routines that trap us into running around circles towards making a living is carthatic. A new setting is a perfect change to allow us to break from “normal” and take on new activities for a change. Not only is this great for rewinding the brain and recharging the body, but also a great way to rebalance emotions and boost a sense of personal happiness. Some ways you can relax while on vacation

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