Traveling to watch sporting events is something very many people like doing in the USA. A person chooses a particular sport which they’re interested in, then follow it religiously. The most epic sports in the USA include American football, tennis, basketball, and soccer. These sports have special sporting events where thousands of people attend as millions more watch on the TV. Attending such events is a kind of fun and tour to many hence the need to get an exotic car from 24 rent a car around any city.



The biggest sporting event in the United States is the Super Bowl. The event consists of 2 teams that have played in many bowl games for them to make it to the final. Thousands of fans attend these events while millions watch the competition on television. The most exciting moments and the stage for superstars coming during halftime.


Then U.S. Air Force Academy cadet Antoine Hood looks down court during play against Texas Christian University Jan. 14, 2006. (U.S. Air Force photo /David Armer)

The NBA’s Final Fourth Tournament is a great game for many basketball lovers. Basketball ball lovers use charts in predicting which team will qualify semifinal. The Final Four comprises of one team from every region in the United States. Then it’s reduced down to 2 teams who then play the National Championship final. Fans enjoy watching world superstars fight for the title.


Major League Soccer is divided into 2 sections: Western and Eastern. The Eastern region comprise of 7 major teams: Columbus, Chicago, D.C. United, Kansas City, New York, New England, and Toronto FC. While the western region comprises of Chivas USA, FC Dallas, Colorado, Real Salt Lake, Los Angeles, and Houston. There are playoffs which brings the ultimate ranking as well as combining the national football. During all the football matches many fans troop to watch and cheer their teams play.


Tennis is one of world famous game and very popular in the USA. There are many tennis tournaments like the US Open where world superstars like Serena take part in attracting huge tennis fans to watch the games. Winning the world champion earns a lot of international popularity and accolades.

Attending sporting events to cheer your team is a great experience. It’s very refreshing to watch the teamwork as well as watching your team win games. A win produces a happy feeling to the athletes and the same to the fans. Attend a game watch in a style by renting a luxury vehicle from 24 rent a car. Hence the need to pick your favorite sport and team as well.